Pure. Natural. Ethical. These are the themes of the story behind Pure Wear Canada.

Our story begins with our wool. Carefully selected Canadian wool milled in a heritage mill on Prince Edward Island. The mill dates back to 1870, and has been milling wool yarn since 1902. We believe in heritage and supporting traditions. A little bit of Canadian history goes with every piece we make.

We grow, gather and select. Our dyes are always natural, always handcrafted, and sometimes even grown in our garden.

Preparation is key. To create quality pieces care and attention is important at every stage, from scouring and mordanting, to the final finishing details.

Crafting the dyes is where the magic begins. Extracting color from flowers is a technique used in centuries past. Extracting color from plants connects our clothing to nature and the earth. When the color of our clothing comes from nature it holds a deeper meaning when we wear it.

We knit and weave by hand embracing tradition. We create a very rare product through our meticulous choice of materials and method. We personally create each piece insuring each clothing item is created in an ethical work environment. Canadian hands making pure Canadian clothing.

Pure craftsmanship.

Pure clothing.

Knit and woven and dyed by hand with soul.

Pure Wear Canada by W1 Hundred.