We do clothing differently.

Sustainability is a value we hold close to our heart. We use Canadian sourced wool, we use natural dyes, we work in micro batches to reduce waste, and we make the products with our very own hands. Another part of creating a sustainable product is creating pieces that last a very long time, and that is why some of our products qualify for our Re-Dye Program.

The Re-Dye Program provides the opportunity to refresh the color of your knitwear . When you love an item, and wear it a lot, the color can fade; we see this with the classic look of denim. The Re-Dye Program allows the color of the item to be refreshed, extending the life of your knitwear.

Currently our Re-Dye Program is available for items in our Sustainable Series that have been dyed in indigo, cutch and lac.

The fee for the Re-Dye Program is $30.00 plus GST and shipping fees.

Please email us at purewearcanada@outlook.com  to discuss this option.